The Grampa by Fumero
New York

Just above the 2nd ave subway stop, on the border line between east village and lower east side, you’ll find Fumero’s New York City Grampa. The quote reads “My grampa spoke French, Italian, Spanish and English with a perfect New York Accent.” I love this quote and think it is so important to remember that this plurality of voices – languages and accents and religions and fashion and food – is exactly what makes New York City so alive, so addictively overwhelming and fresh. And we should celebrate that, and that’s exactly what this mural does for me.

About the Artist

Fumero credits his style to the late 20th and early 21st century’s contemporary-urban-expressionist movement. He began cartooning as a child, got into graffiti as a teenager, logo design in college, and caricature in art school. His approach is direct, bold and assertive. All of his paintings of the human figure have this cryptic ability to evoke a deep emotion from the thickness and contrasting counters of his lines and shapes. He is a master of color, line and form – using a mix of acrylic paint and black ink.

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