Mr G Hoete

New Zealand artist Graham Hoete has two main passions; Dogs and Aerosol Art.

Originally from Tauranga, NZ, Hoete now lives in Sydney, and makes a good living painting dog portraits. In 2011 he set out on a mission to paint 100 dog portraits in his very own “Dogathon 100.” He painted 100 individual dog portraits at the request of dog owners in New Zealand. Gaining attention in the U.S, Hoete was asked to create celebrity dog portraits for Cesar Milan, Ice T & Coco and traveled to LA to present them in person.

In December 2014, Hoete created this mural for the Bondi wall that captures the personality of these three pups, Thor, Ruff and Huny Girl. Thor and Ruff, won the opportunity to be featured on the Bondi Wall because their parents won Hoete’s Bondi Beach dog portrait competition on Facebook, which generated over 1,500 entries. Huny Girl is Hoete’s dog.

Hoete is also dabbling with print and graphic design and recently customized shoe design.

Check out more of his work here, and watch the Dogathon news story here.