Mag Magrela, Pindorama in Flames
New York

‘Pindorama’ means Land of The Palms in Tupi, signifying a place free of evil – this is actually what the natives called Brazil prior to colonization. The Tupi people were one of the largest indigenous populations in Brazil and are known for settling the Amazon rainforest. However, most of their population died by the 17th century from European colonization.

Mag Magrela, a leading Sao Paulo street artist, has dedicated her work to this sometimes overlooked history and culture of Brazil. Naming her studio “Pindorama in Flames,” she exposes the reality of her home country while staying optimistic for better days. In her own words, “after the fire, a new beginning emerges.”

Mag began painting in 2007 and now has featured work all over the world including Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, London and New York. From canvas to outdoor murals, Mag’s orange-colored women have become a well known symbol of Brazilian society in the street art world. “I came from the street walls to canvas and the two are equally important to me. This is how I feel complete,” she explains.

Mag’s work is currently featured at the Lower East Side cafe, Galeria NYC where these pictures were taken. On the opening day of the exhibit, she did two live paintings shown above. It was a beautifully curated gallery with the vibrant colors in her portraits matching the warm energized spirits of the Brazilian owned cafe. Her work will be featured at Galeria NYC for the next month or so, and as well as at AnnexB in Brooklyn until the 21st. So go check her out asap!

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