Jasmine Dowling’s #YesMoment

Brisbane artist, Jasmine Dowling, is known for her unique lettering that you’ve probably seen on the cover of magazines like Glamour, Sunday Style, Elle, and Witchery Report. From magazine covers to poster designs, Dowling’s typography brings bold character to any subject.

Dowling was recently asked to become an #AgentOfYes for Optus as part of the Optus #YES project, which brings together people who love to build, create and push boundaries in a greater effort to help others live better. As part of this partnership, Dowling was presented an opportunity to create her own “Yes Moment,” where she got to choose to do or create anything she wanted. She envisioned taking her typography to a whole new level, going from a small sheet of a4 paper to a large scale mural. It was the ability to create a message that could be shared with others through a new medium for Dowling: Streetart.

Optus chose the location and Dowling was provided a coveted slot for her mural on the Bondi Wall in Sydney. It took her two days to paint the mural, “Wish you were here,” a contextually apt message considering Bondi’s demographic of travelers and transplants. A good friend of mine, a transplant himself who has called Bondi home for the past seven years, sent me this shot of Dowling’s piece with Carlo, the Boston terrier, posing patiently in front.

Dowling’s work, characterized by a clean editorial style, is worth keeping tabs on. Beyond custom lettering, she is also a talented graphic designer and recently launched an online store selling her custom print collection and home decor collaborations. Dowling’s typography and designs have been sought after by top brands like Wittner, Jag, IMG Models, Maybelline New York and Assembly Label.

Check out her site and read more on this story in her blog post, “GIRL MEETS BONDI” here. Also follow on ig; @jasminedowling to discover more.