Grafstract by Fumero
New York

This is Fumero’s third and final installation this summer above the 2nd ave subway stop.

This last feature at the 2nd ave stop, titled “Grafstract,” is a perfect ode to Fumero’s journey and character as a street artist. In 2010, Fumero had a painting featured at a gallery show in NYC called “Graffolution.” The gallery was an exhibit highlighting the evolution of street art and graffiti through the work of well-known artists such as Billi Kid, Matt Siren, The Me Nobody Knows (TMNK), and Royce Bannon. In an interview after the show, Fumero was quoted using a new term he created for this kind of art, “Grafstract,” representing the fusion between graffiti and abstract art. It quickly caught on in the space with Fumero’s work attached to it.

In all of Fumero’s works you can see his fine art details blending into an abstract backdrop and graffiti tags, creating a unique blend of styles that is now known as Fumeroism or Grafstract.

To learn more about Grafstract, check out the official site here.

If you didn’t catch Fumero’s first installation at the 2nd ave stop titled “The Grampa,” read my post about it here.