Ellis Island Children by JR
New York

French street artist JR is known for creating culturally provocative exhibitions around the globe that demystify preconceived notions perpetuating deep rooted social issues, from immigration to women’s rights.

This large mural in Tribeca is titled, “Ellis Island Children” and is part of a larger photo installation inside an abandoned hospital on Ellis Island called “Unframed.” Covering the floors and walls of the hospital are pictures taken over a century ago of immigrant and hospital patients. “Unframed” pays homage to all immigrants who make up our families, our friends, our co-workers and our nation today.

In light of the larger immigrant and refugee crisis we face today, JR’s exhibition reminds us that we are all immigrants – if not first generation, we are the sons and daughters of immigrants in this country, one way or another.

JR’s work is about challenging the status quo.

Visit his website to learn about his other exhibitions and collaborations. Follow JR on instagram @JR.