Anna Piaggi by Bradley Theodore: Bottega Falai
New York

If you are a street art fan, than you have heard of, if not seen the work of Bradley Theodore. Born in the Turks and Caicos and now residing in NYC, Bradley is known for celebrating the intersection of art and fashion through live paintings, street murals, at local galleries and eateries, charitable causes, and more.

Among many of his pop art paintings of fashion icons, this piece in particular depicts recently deceased fashion editor Anna Piaggi. Piaggi, who died aged 81, was known for curating fashion stories in magazines, juxtaposing images on the page to make connections between the past and present, reality and fiction. Coincidentally, Bradley’s painting of Piaggi does just that.

Overlooking tables at Bottega Falai on Lafayette and Prince street, this adds to his repertoire of skull paintings, bringing back to life the legend of other great artists.

Follow Bradley on Instagram @bradleytheodore and keep an eye out for his work, which is spotted notably throughout Soho as well as other boroughs of NYC.