Dan Xin


A Car Crash Left Her Three Nieces Stranded. Now She's
Fighting to Bring Them Home

Most weeks a distant in-law drops by to deliver food, but the girls spend every night on their own. They are four, seven, and eleven years old.

villagevoice.com Published Apr. 18, 2017
Chinatown's First-Asian American Representative
Prepares to Take Office

Yuh-Line Niou and her supporters had gathered in the lounge to watch poll results, and by 9 p.m., cheers erupted: Niou, a Democrat, had won three-quarters of the vote. She was going to Albany.

The Village Voice Published Jan. 3, 2017
Instavest: The Startup That
Wants to Uproot Hedge Funds

Jay Yoon is the star stock picker on Instavest, a startup that aims to do to asset management what Airbnb is doing to hotels. But can a social media-style website take on a $2.9 trillion industry?

Future of Everything | WSJ Published Oct. 24, 2016
In Rush to Serve Veterans, VA Opens Door to Disability Fraud

Disability benefits have soared as the Veterans Affairs department expands coverage and streamlines the claims process. Now, some critics say the reduced evidence requirements can mean claims get padded.

The Wall Street Journal | Page One Published July 14, 2016
Millennial Employees
Confound Big Banks

Entry-level bankers from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. gathered in a lower Manhattan hotel ballroom last April to listen to the firm’s top executives try to fire them up about their budding careers.

The Wall Street Journal | Page One Published April 8, 2016
Why an Old Scam Keeps
Landing in Your Inbox

Matthew Eldridge was on Manhattan’s A-train heading to a bar when he spotted the email on his phone. “A major opportunity for you,” it read, touting a mining company called Mustang Alliances Inc. “I don’t think the investment community is aware of it.”

The Wall Street Journal | Money & Investing Published Dec. 7, 2015
Banks and Fintech Firms’
Relationship Status: Complicated

Financial technology—or “fintech”—upstarts have drawn billions of dollars in investments on the premise that they will shake up finance the way Uber or Airbnb have shaken up the taxi and hotel industries.

The Wall Street Journal | Money & Investing Published Dec. 7, 2015
Did Walter Cronkite’s Gift Really
Come From Hitler’s Urinal?

“Dear Connie,” the broadcaster wrote to Mr. Ryan, author of “A Bridge Too Far.” “You are now the possessor—proud, I hope—of a piece of Hitler’s urinal.” But, at least in this matter of Hitler’s purported toilet, can the late Mr. Cronkite be trusted?

The Wall Street Journal | Page One Published Oct. 6, 2015
San Francisco Longs for
Ersatz Emperor of Yore

Wearing a top hat festooned with multicolored feathers, Joseph Amster stopped in front of a Ghirardelli Chocolate Co. store and began shouting at the shop’s bemused clientele through its large glass windows.

The Wall Street Journal | Page One Published Aug. 12, 2015
System Often Unjustly Boosts
Veterans’ Disability Benefits

An effort by the Department of Veterans Affairs that aimed to speed the processing of disability-benefits applications also loosened controls that prevent veterans from exaggerating symptoms to receive more money.

The Wall Street Journal | U.S. News Published May 11, 2015